Metalsmith ~ Glassworker

Artisan Jewelry by Mikelene Reusse

I started designing jewelry back in 1984. I sold at Art Festivals and was eventually approached by boutique owners, art galleries, and started selling wholesale across the USA.

I began experimenting in 2005 with glass (lampworking) ... wanting something unique, organic, to incorporate into my jewelry. I started creating organic glass cabochons and offering them to other jewelry designers through my Etsy shop, Growing Edge Glass.

I've recently started exploring Lapidary work ... cutting my own stone cabochons. l'll be setting my own cabs, natural minerals and gemstones in my work as well as lovely stone cabs cut by others. I've tried my hand at torch enameling and love the textures and colors ... so look for some enameled components in my work in the very near future, too!

I'm never quite sure how to respond when someone asks what 'style' of jewelry I create. I guess I would say it's contemporary, artsy, soft-industrial, minimal work. I prefer a matte finish on my pieces, just a soft sheen. I love the juxtaposition of matte metal with sparkling gemstones and bursts of color!

Each piece of my jewelry is a story that I build, a feeling or message, perhaps, that begs to be conveyed. I'm in bliss when at my bench and can only hope that each piece of my work is imbued with that joy and then passed on to its ultimate owner. 

with gratitude,